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Heyy Everyone!
Today I had my first meeting as being president of Alpha Phi Sigma, the Criminal Justice National Honor Society! It was a lot of information about how to run a student organization and the rules and guidelines! After the meeting, the vice president and secretary and I got together and did some talking about the organization! One thing that our organization raises money for is the Brian McMillian scholarship. Brian McMillian was a graduate of UIS and a Illinois State Trooper who was killed in the line of duty. We now give a scholarship to a student in name of him! We want to raise a lot of money this year so that maybe we can give more than one scholarship in name of Brian McMillian! Only problem is, we do not have a lot of member since it is an invite only club, and we do not have any good ideas for fundraising!
So I ask you, what are some fundraisers you may have done in the past? What fundraisers have you done that have been super successful, or even ones that weren’t that successful? We will take any ideas that we get! Also if we do set up fundraisers, we would love if people who are not involved in our organization to help out! It is for a good cause and the more the merrier!

So if you have any fundraising ideas, please comment on this and let me know what your thinking!! Thanks!


Peer Advising Room





Hello all! Today I have been brainstorming about how to decorate the peer advising room at UIS. I work as a peer advisor and our room is in desperate need of decorating! It is beyond boring, and very uninviting! The other peer advisors and I want to decorate it and spice it up a bit! But our only problem is we don’t know how or have the materials to do it! Does anyone have ideas on how to decorate a room? We want our room to be cool and somewhere that is fun to hang out! We want students to be able to come in and relax and hang out! We also want everyone to feel welcome! Right now the room looks amazingly scary and intimidating because it is only desks and chairs!

If you have any ideas on how to spice the room up, or know what you would like to see in the peer advising room, let me know! It would be amazing to get this room spiced up and a cool place to hang out! Any input is greatly appreciated! Thanks everyone!

Beautiful day



Today is one of those days that I love this campus. Beautiful trees and it is such a pretty campus! I am going to go outside and do my homework in this beautiful weather!

Protest on campus

These are protesters who are able to freely speak their minds at this protest. I personally love the fact that if I did not like something that there is something I can do about it! This is a friendly protest that took place right outside of the chancellors banquet, and they were demanding fair wages! It is an important issue, even the news was there!

Being sick!

One thing you have to get use to being in college is taking care of yourself. When I am sick, I can take care of myself but I like someone to take care of me too! Today I am having an allergic reaction to something and I have hives all over me, and I don’t know how to get rid of it! I hate it! I had to google how to get rid of hives, and take care of the issue myself. I am a commuter, so I live in town, but I do not live with my parents, so I am on my own! I took some benadryll, and I hope these hives are gone tomorrow, so I am not sitting in class itchy and miserable!!!


My cousin Tiffany, Me, and my cousin Renee!

Hey everyone, sorry I haven’t posted anything in a week, but I was lucky enough to go on a cruise this past week! My cousin and I booked a cruise back in February, and we were gone from last Saturday morning until today! I had so much fun, but I am extremely lucky that I have some amazing professors who allowed me to turn homework in early and get it finished before I left. I missed a whole week of school, but like I said I finished all the homework ahead of time so I should not be far behind! I am anxious to get back to school and work, and see everyone again (maybe because I want to tell everyone about my cruise!).. I am kind of sad however that my cruise is over because when we left Alabama this morning it was 90 degrees out and when we returned to Springfield tonight it was 48 degrees out!! BRRRRR… It has gotten chilly since I have been gone!!
Make sure to check back on my blog this week, because I am going to have lots of interesting posts this week! Talk to you then!!

Just a quick post about me!

Well, I am Julianna Richards and I am a senior at the University of Illinois at Springfield. I am a double major in Criminal Justice and Psychology, and I plan to either go into law enforcement or continue on with my education and get my Law Degree when I graduate in May 2011. I love sports, and outdoors, and I enjoy just hanging out and having fun. I am a commuter student at UIS- meaning I do not live on campus- I live within the city of Springfield. I am the president of Alpha Phi Sigma, the criminal justice national honor society, and I also work as a peer advisor in the Undergraduate Academic Advising Office here at UIS. I think that you will enjoy my blog and please give me plenty of feedback and let me know if you have any questions or if there is something you want me to blog about! Thanks!