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My cousin Tiffany, Me, and my cousin Renee!

Hey everyone, sorry I haven’t posted anything in a week, but I was lucky enough to go on a cruise this past week! My cousin and I booked a cruise back in February, and we were gone from last Saturday morning until today! I had so much fun, but I am extremely lucky that I have some amazing professors who allowed me to turn homework in early and get it finished before I left. I missed a whole week of school, but like I said I finished all the homework ahead of time so I should not be far behind! I am anxious to get back to school and work, and see everyone again (maybe because I want to tell everyone about my cruise!).. I am kind of sad however that my cruise is over because when we left Alabama this morning it was 90 degrees out and when we returned to Springfield tonight it was 48 degrees out!! BRRRRR… It has gotten chilly since I have been gone!!
Make sure to check back on my blog this week, because I am going to have lots of interesting posts this week! Talk to you then!!