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Emilys Last Day!




Today was my coworker and friend Emily’s second to last day at work! I wont be working tomorrow so it was kind of our last time working together! The other coworkers and I set up a big surprise party for her today and she had no idea! It was great! I am so glad that she found another great job but so sad that I am not going to be working with her again 😦 At the surprise party, we had food and everyone from the office there to surprise her! She had no clue! It was great! We took lots of pictures so that we would have a picture of all of us on the second to last day of her working!

On another note, I got to take a trip to the juvenile detention facility here in town for one of my classes and it was awesome! We got to see where the juveniles are detained and how they live while in the detention center! It was definitely very cool. It was a good but very very very long day!

Goodnight all!