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Update on everything!

I am so upset that the weather has gotten so cold lately! Last week we had 70 degree weather and this week the high is in the 40s! It is crazy! I miss the hot weather! I am definitely not a cold weather person at all!

Today is also my first day working in the office without Emily here! She started her brand new job today at SCI! I hope she likes it! I am so excited for her! It is an amazing opportunity for her to have a job as an academic advisor!

This week is going to be one of the most hectic weeks of the semester. Next week is Thanksgiving Break, so instead of assigning homework over Thanksgiving break all the teachers have it due this week! AHH! So I have to finish a paper that is due Thursday, work on a speech for tonight, and do some reading. I have had worse, but this week is also going to be crazy because added on to all the homework, I have a wedding that I am in on Saturday! So Friday is the dress rehearsal, and Saturday I am busy all day long with the wedding! Crazy! But once I get the homework done it will be a lot of fun! Congratulations to Amber and Anthony on getting married this Saturday! I am definitely excited!


Last night was my last game in slow pitch softball. 😦 We were in tournament and lost 10-8. I was definitely sad because I love playing softball but kind of glad since it is getting so cold out! It is hard to play in this cold weather!

Well that is pretty much what is going on in my life right now! I have been super busy, and will be this week but I am going to keep you updated as much as I can!!!