I love break!!

Another reason I love break is because all of my friends from high school come home for break and I get to see them! Some people I havent seen in forever!! It is so excited to see people that you havent seen because it is all about remembering the “good ole days”!

So far I have seen two people that I never get to see and hopefully tonight I will get to see more! I am so excited! We are all going out to Mowies, which is a pool place right by UIS, and playing pool. It is the place to be and I love playing pool.

So far I have had a good break. I have gotten a lot of homework done and I have gotten to see a lot of people so far! I still have 4 days left of break to see people! Some people havent even finished school for break yet! Some schools in the area still have school on Monday and Tuesday before Thanksgiving! I am glad that we do not have school because I need the time off!

Now tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I am so excited for all the food and goodies I am going to have! Then I also get to see my family and friends! This is just going to be an amazing break! I am so happy!

Well I will make sure to post lots of pictures tomorrow of all the food and stuff we will have at my house! See you then!


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