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Update on everything!

I am so upset that the weather has gotten so cold lately! Last week we had 70 degree weather and this week the high is in the 40s! It is crazy! I miss the hot weather! I am definitely not a cold weather person at all!

Today is also my first day working in the office without Emily here! She started her brand new job today at SCI! I hope she likes it! I am so excited for her! It is an amazing opportunity for her to have a job as an academic advisor!

This week is going to be one of the most hectic weeks of the semester. Next week is Thanksgiving Break, so instead of assigning homework over Thanksgiving break all the teachers have it due this week! AHH! So I have to finish a paper that is due Thursday, work on a speech for tonight, and do some reading. I have had worse, but this week is also going to be crazy because added on to all the homework, I have a wedding that I am in on Saturday! So Friday is the dress rehearsal, and Saturday I am busy all day long with the wedding! Crazy! But once I get the homework done it will be a lot of fun! Congratulations to Amber and Anthony on getting married this Saturday! I am definitely excited!


Last night was my last game in slow pitch softball. 😦 We were in tournament and lost 10-8. I was definitely sad because I love playing softball but kind of glad since it is getting so cold out! It is hard to play in this cold weather!

Well that is pretty much what is going on in my life right now! I have been super busy, and will be this week but I am going to keep you updated as much as I can!!!


Beautiful Campus… Day or Night

This campus is absolutely beautiful! Day or night it is amazing. The sky is always looking gorgeous, they have some gorgeous architecture, the wildlife! I was driving to school the other day and saw two deer just hanging out! It is a peaceful and calming experience being on this campus! Amazing!

Death in the Family


Today, my parents and I had to put my cat to sleep. His name was Dakota and he was amazing. He was my first pet of my own. I got him from a house out in the country when I was living on my own, and he went everywhere with me! He was my best friend, and I hated leaving him alone! Finally, we got another kitten named Mila for Dakota to play with when we were gone! They loved each other so much! When I moved back home with my grandma, my mom and dad took in Dakota and Mila because my grandma couldnt have them at our house! They have been living there for over a year and they loved it!
Well the past couple days, Dakota has been acting weird. He was acting weak, and stand offish. He was getting sick and acted in pain. My mom and dad took him to the vet and he had a broken back. We arent sure if he got hit by a car or if he fell off of a tree, but he somehow broke his back. He was in a lot of pain. I just wish that there was another way to help him!
I will love you forever and for always Dakota! I am sorry I wasnt there for you more during the last year! Love you!

Krystals Birthday!




Yesterday was Krystal’s birthday from work, so we all went out to celebrate her birthday! It was a lot of fun and I am glad she enjoyed herself! It was a good time. We started by going out to Carlos OKellys for dinner! The food was amazing! Since it was her 21st birthday, we then headed downtown to celebrate her turning 21! She was so excited and happy! Cant wait for many more birthdays to come! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KRYSTAL!!!

Emilys Last Day!




Today was my coworker and friend Emily’s second to last day at work! I wont be working tomorrow so it was kind of our last time working together! The other coworkers and I set up a big surprise party for her today and she had no idea! It was great! I am so glad that she found another great job but so sad that I am not going to be working with her again 😦 At the surprise party, we had food and everyone from the office there to surprise her! She had no clue! It was great! We took lots of pictures so that we would have a picture of all of us on the second to last day of her working!

On another note, I got to take a trip to the juvenile detention facility here in town for one of my classes and it was awesome! We got to see where the juveniles are detained and how they live while in the detention center! It was definitely very cool. It was a good but very very very long day!

Goodnight all!

Preview day

Today I was at UIS during the preview day. Preview day is a day that potential UIS students come to campus and learn more about UIS. They have tables set up for all different organizations and majors on campus. They give tours around campus and feed you an awesome lunch. It is a great opportunity for anyone that is thinking about attending UIS, and they offer preview days like 5 times a year. If you get a chance and are interested in going to UIS, check out the preview days. They are a good chance to learn first hand about UIS.

High school

Today I was guest speaker at Lanphier, a local high school here in town, to freshman kids. We discussed things such as how college works, what they can do now to help them get to college and about UIS. They had so many questions about me and UIS, and college life. They were an amazing group and I’m glad they were so interested in what I had to say! They were especially interested on how to be successful in college, which is great!
After my talk, they asked their teacher if they could come tour UIS. They were really excited. I was really glad they were very attentive and excited about college! I think they liked me talking since I was a alumni from Lanphier, and I got to share my successes with them! Go UIS and Lanphier lions!


One and only reason that I like the winter time is because of basketball! I love watching and playing basketball and I am excited for the season to start up again! We have basketball here at UIS and they play in the TRAC (The Recreation and Athletic Center) here on campus. I also love Illini Basketball and my old high schools basketball team! I am huge on school pride so I still go back and support my old high school during their sport seasons. I went to 4 different football games this season and this basketball season I hope to go and see even more. I have seen a few of the basketball games out here but not as many as my high school team. Being a commuter makes it hard to go and enjoy things on campus because I live on the other side of town. It only takes about 20 minutes to get to campus but it tends to be inconvenient. However, I do enjoy myself when I do get involved on campus and have been much more involved these past two years than my first two. I encourage everyone, even commuters to get involved and get school pride for colleges too, because they are just as much of yourself as you high school.
Basically, I am ready for Basketball season but I am not ready for the cold! Yuck I hate the cold! But I guess I should get used to it because it is going to be cold for the next 4 1/2 months! Brace yourselves!


I am so excited for my friend Emily, who scored her first REAL job today! She is the new academic advisor for SCI! SCI is lucky to have her and she will be an amazing Academic Advisor! She basically already has been an academic advisor since her freshman year at UIS because she has worked in the Academic Advising office!

I am so excited because she has been so worried about getting a job and I kept telling her not to worry that good things will happen! She is ecstatic about her new job, she wants to go buy “cute little file folders” for her new office! I am so excited for her and now I am excited for myself because I know that I will find job after I graduate in May!

Congratulations Emily and I know you will be an amazing Advisor! I will miss working with you!

Juvenile court

Tonight in my juvenile law class we had some mock trials for juvenile court. It was a lot of fun and a great experience. I always enjoy more hands on experience than lecture and a lot of teachers know that and will do that. It is a lot of fun and interesting!!

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