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Job Applications!

Yesterday, I spent the entire 4 hours I was at work filling out job applications for probation and parole officer! It was unreal how long it took to fill out an application! I thought once you got to the real world, you just send your resume. But a lot of jobs still have you fill out the application! I got a lot of applications done and I am hoping to hear back from some of the places! Hopefully I will have a job lined up by March! That would be amazing!

I am going to also be applying again to some more jobs today! Hopefully I get some call backs! Keep your fingers crossed for me!


Not much to do…

UIS is a busy place during the semester! However, it becomes a ghost town when the semester ends! I am working at my advising job during winter break, but it is almost like there is no one on campus! It is nice because you get the good parking spots and there are not long lines in the cafeteria, but it is kinda boring when there is no one here!

I also like it when it is dead because that means there won’t be that many people at the gym! Which I love because I hate working out when there is a ton of people! I avoid going at certain times during the semester because the gym is so busy! So it is nice that there is no one around!

Winter break has been treating me amazingly! I got to sleep in yesterday until noon! AMAZING! Well I hope everyone is having an awesome break like me and I will talk to you all soon!

Winter Break

Amazing.. I got to take a nap today. I also didnt have to worry about homework or anything really! I am so thankful that winter break is finally here! It is definitely exciting!

I am still working at the school over winter break, so I still have some responsibilities but not nearly as many as when school is in session! I need some projects to do to stay busy so that I am not sleeping all the time! So if anyone has any ideas for projects to do I will take suggestions!

Hope everyone has an amazing break! I will talk to everyone soon!

My last final!

The end is near! My last final is tonight at 6 and after that I am on winter break! AMAZING! I cannot wait! It has been a long semester! And now I am officially (after my exam tonight) only one semester away from graduating! Yay! I am so ready to graduate! I will definitely miss school but I am ready to have a good job with all the education I have obtained! Maybe I will return to get my Masters? But right now I want a job! I have started slowly job searching but this is a tough economy to get a job in! Hopefully I will find something soon!

Today, I woke up and my car was completely covered in ice! It was raining ice and sleet last night! It took 20 minutes to get my car warmed up and all the ice off! It was crazy! I then went and worked out again (This being my 5th time working out this week). I was extremely proud of myself! I am going to be so close to making my goal before the end of the year!

Point of my story today, I am ready for winter break! It is going to be so relaxing and stress free. But I know by the time New years rolls around I will be ready to start school again! I usually get really bored over breaks! Well talk to you soon!


Today, News of Mayor Tim Davlin dying had UIS buzzing! This morning at about 9am police were called to his house to find him dead. His death is still under investigation and they are not giving us much details but I heard it was a self inflicted gun shot wound. It is tragic! My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends. Mayor Davlin was just out at UIS not very long ago to give an ornament for UIS.
It is also a tragic moment for my family because my cousin was actually married to Tim Davlin’s son, so technically the Mayor and I were cousins though I never met him or anything. I hope that we get more details on this case soon but that is the criminal justice talking in me! Well this tragedy has been the main focus on the day! So I will talk to everyone later!!!

Finals Week!



Took my first final today! It was challenging but I think I did okay. We shall see when final grades come out in about 2 weeks! I have 2 more finals this week and then I am finished for the semester! I am so excited! I also have a paper due tomorrow night by midnight but I am already half way done! It is going to be an amazing winter break!

I went to the gym today and I had a salad for lunch! I was definitely proud of myself! I hope that I meet my goal to lose 10lbs by the new year! But if not I wont be to mad because I am slowly getting healthier and healthier by eating right and exercising!

I tried the P90X this weekend and it is rough! But it is definitely a good workout! I hope that I can continue to do it! It was definitely a good investment! I am also glad that I have the gym here at school that I can go to, and work out!

Well there is still snow on the ground from yesterday when it snowed hard core all day! It is not as pretty anymore though since people went driving in it and walking through it! I am just ready for the warm weather to be here again!


Springfield got the first big snow of the season last night and today. The snow actually stuck and was messy. I am excited we got some snow because it is pretty but I hate the cold and the snow is cold! The wind was also crazy! We have some serious snow drifts from the wind! I was driving and could feel the wind trying to take my car! Also when I was driving I got stuck on some black ice and almost crashed! It was definitely scary! So if you are out and about be extremely careful driving and drive slow!

Well I will be expecting more snow starting today and just get over the fact that I hate the cold. The first snow is the wake up call to wintertime!


I absolutely love days that I have absolutely nothing to do! It is amazing to just be able to lay in bed all day if I wanted, and move at my own pace. To be able to not have to rush to any kind of meetings or have to be any where is nice! I am going to go eat lunch with a friend and then chill for the rest of the day! It is going to be an amazing afternoon. I may go to the gym or I may just stay home. The beauty of it is I dont HAVE to do anything today! I love it!

Next week is finals! So I need to get on studying, but that can always be done when I am resting! Or it can be done tomorrow! haha!


Today I bought the P90X workout videos from my friend! I am definitely excited to start them! They are an awesome workout and hopefully will get me into shape quick! I am so excited! I bought it for only $40 and it is a good work out package. Hopefully this will help me get in shape and to lose 10 lbs by New Years!

Tonight is my last class! We are going over what is going to be on the exam and then going to Mowies! It should be a fun night! I am so excited about getting finals done and starting my last winter break as an undergrad! It is definitely going to be a good break! Then in January I will start my last semester as an undergrad! I GRADUATE IN ONLY 6 SHORT MONTHS! I am so ready to start my life!

Down side to this day, it is COLD out! I hate the cold so much! But it is all good, because this is my last winter as an undergrad! (I don’ t think I will get tired of saying that)!

Hope everyone has an amazing night and I will talk to you soon!

Last day of class

Today is my last day of class except for one class that I have on Thursday nights! I am definitely excited! I have 3 exams next week, but they shouldn’t be too bad. I am so excited for winter break! Today all I have is a final exam review in my 2pm class and then tomorrow night it is the same thing. Tomorrow night after our final exam review, the teacher and all the students go to Mowie’s to play pool and relax! I love that class that I have tomorrow because our teacher is so cool!

I have been slacking on my working out and getting healthy but it is because I have been so busy! I am planning on going to the gym tonight since after today I have no more homework except for studying! I have also gotten approval to work in my office on campus over the break, so I will be on campus a lot during break! That is a good thing because it is easier for me to make myself go to the gym when I am already on campus!

My goal is to still lose 10 lbs but maybe by New Years now since I have been slacking lately! But I have still be taking the stairs and trying to eat healthy. Well that is all I have for now! Talk to you later!

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