Presentation and Bake Sale!

Last night was my senior seminar presentation! It went amazing! I felt so confident and good, and I knew what I was talking about! One of my professors told me today that I did the best! I was so excited! He told me that he could tell I knew what I was talking about and that I answered all the questions perfectly! I was so proud! My cousin who graduated from UIS in 2007 came and watched my presentation and said it was awesome! I was so glad she came! She said coming back to UIS made her miss going to school there! Hopefully she will come back and finish her Masters!

Today was the bake sale! It was a long and hectic day! We started our day at 9:30 and we were not finished until 5:30. Who would of guessed a bake sale was so much work! Lindzee, the secretary, and I were the only ones that worked it all day! It was miserable! I wish we would of had more workers but we made it through! Alex did stop by when he dropped his goodies off and helped for a while but besides that we did everything! We got a lot of compliments though! A lot of people were so impressed by us having a popcorn machine at the bake sale! They said it was a good marketing strategy! They were also impressed with how much food we had and how elaborate our bake sale was! I was so excited to hear all these raving reviews about our bake sale! It was a lot of hard work to get it together!

In all we made $478.16, which is amazing! Last year they made a total of $450, which means we beat them! And last year they had a lot more help than Lindzee and I did! So I am quite excited that we did such an amazing job! It was great! And it goes to such an amazing cause! The Brian McMillian Scholarship goes to a criminal justice student who deserves it!

I have finished two of my classes for the semester! I am so excited for break to start! It is going to be amazing to have some time off!


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