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Level One Snow Emergency!

So Springfield is officially under a Level One Snow Emergency and a blizzard warning. The roads are getting extremely nasty with ice and sleet. It is also snowing! We are expected to have 12-18 inches of snow! Unreal! We haven’t had that much snow since February of 2007. Part of me is excited that we are getting a lot of snow because I want to go sledding and my class got cancelled for tonight, but I hate the cold! And that much snow means it is going to be hard to travel! Me and snow have a love hate relationship!

Well I hope everyone is traveling safe and stay inside if you don’t have to leave. The roads are suppose to be very very bad so be careful!




One thing I love about this campus is the wildlife. It can be the middle of winter with snow on the ground and you will still see wildlife on this campus. Today as I was walking up to my office, I seen about 40 geese just hanging out by the path that I walk up. They were so cute and just chilling having a fun time! It amazes me that they are still here even though it is super cold out! But I had to snap a picture or two when I saw them.

Today I am going to get a personal trainer at the TRAC. They have a deal where you can get a fitness assessment and 2 one hour consultations for $55. And one of the trainers wants to be a cop! So he will know exactly what I need to do to get on track and be able to do the fitness test by May.

Also, I weighed myself last night and I have lost a total of 10 lbs this month! I only have 20 lbs more to go before I meet my goal weight! I am so excited! At this rate I am going to get there in no time!

5 on 5 basketball!

I am definitely excited! February 7th I start playing 5 on 5 basketball! It is going to be sweet! I have put together a team and we registered at the TRAC yesterday! I am definitely excited and this should put me in excellent shape in no time!

Yesterday, when I was working out, I accomplished a major goal! I finished 1.5 miles in 18 minutes and 40 seconds! This is a major goal because it means that I am only 2 minutes and 20 seconds away from being at the standard of the police test! I think if I keep working super hard, that I will be able to take the police test in no time! Good thing too because 4 months is going to fly by and I am going to be graduating!

I also cannot wait for spring time! Even though I have enjoyed some of winter, like sledding, I miss going outside and just hanging out in the nice warm air! Hopefully it will get here soon.. it seems like winter has been here forever!

Working out!

Everyone needs to be super proud of me! I have been working out in the gym every day this week so far! I am really getting on my game! I feel like I am going to be able to complete my new years resolution in no time! And I feel great! I am not as tired and sluggish as I used to be and I have been eating super good! I am so proud of myself! We have a really nice gym here at UIS and I love going after class and working out! It is nice to get some stress out of me!

Classes are going good! I am liking all the classes that I am in this semester! Hopefully that will make the semester fly by, because in May I GRADUATE! I am really excited for that!

Graduation Contract


Today I completed my graduation contract! It was one of the most exciting things to happen to me this year! I am so excited about graduation! It took a while to fill out the contract because of all the classes I have taken, and since I double majored I had to fill out two contracts! But it is going to be so worth it when I walk across that stage and turn my tassel!! I cannot wait to be a college graduate!

Also today, I was put on the mailing list for Springfield Police Department. What this means is that when Springfield Police starts hiring (which I am hoping is sometime around May) I will get information in the mail about testing! I would love to work for Springfield Police Department! My life just seems to be falling together!

Hope everyone had an amazing weekend and I will keep you updated on what is going on in my life! Talk to you soon!

Busy Busy Busy!

Well as you all know, I am the president of Alpha Phi Sigma, the Criminal Justice National Honor Society here at UIS. And we are planning another bake sale to help support the Walk A Mile In Her Shoes Event that supports the Prairie Center Against Sexual Assault. We have also learned that the psychology department here at UIS wants to help us raise money for this event! So right now I am trying to coordinate meeting with the psychology department along with setting the event it self up! It is keeping me extra busy!

In other news, my first week back at UIS was a complete success. I am pretty sure I am going to love all my classes, which is good since I graduate at the end of this semester! I am super excited about graduating but I know that I am going to miss the college life once I do graduate!

I am going to try to do some video interviews of different offices and students here at UIS this semester so that you can get a real taste of what UIS is like! If you have anything in particular that you want me to do, please let me know! Catch everyone later!



I am extra excited for one of my classes! It is sport psychology and in this class we learn about motivation and personality and a lot of things that go along with sports and exercise! This class has a required project and you get to choose out of a bunch of options but one of the options is to keep a journal about your exercising and sport habits and apply concepts from the book! This is exciting to me because I am trying to lose weight and this will be another reason for me to hit up the gym! It should be an awesome experience to write a journal about my struggles and my outcomes of exercising! Then at the end of the semester we present our projects! At this time I hope to have lost the 30lbs that I set myself to lose by May! That way I can give everyone a success story about my weight loss! It should be awesome! This is going to be a great class and a great experience!

First Day of Class!!

Hectic! That is all that I can say! Today was absolutely hectic! I had to work this morning at my job at the high school here in town, then I had class at 2. After class I went to work at the advising office, and we were BUSY! People come in the first week wanting to switch classes and it gets crazy! Now I have class at 6 and then I get to go home and sleep! I am so excited for sleep! I haven’t been this busy in a long time (over a month)! Hopefully I can get the energy to get a good workout in tonight before I head home. Wish me luck!

Last weekend of freedom!

It is the beginning of the last weekend before school starts and I have mixed emotions. I am glad to be starting school again but I am also going to miss having free time! I am extra excited about intramural basketball that the Recreation Center is having in February. I am trying to get a team together, because not only will it be fun but good exercise!

In other news, I bought a Wii Fit and it is amazing! I have been trying to get back into working out! I have lost a total of 2lbs since the beginning of the year and plan on losing 28 more before graduation! Wish me luck!

This last weekend of freedom should be fun! No plan just yet but I am sure I am going to try to see some friends before I go back to having no time for anything! Hope everyone else had a good break! Talk to you soon!

Break is almost over!!!

Break is almost over.. We start school in one week, and to be honest, I am pretty excited about it! This is my last semester as an undergraduate and I cannot wait to graduate! As of today, I graduate in 17 weeks and 5 days! Yes the countdown has started! It is still cold here which I hate but I am getting use to it! Hopefully spring gets here sooner rather than later!

This week is all about preparing for school to start! I get my books this week, along with a new laptop that is much needed, and I have to go through my school supplies and see what I still need to be fully prepared for classes. I have already planned my spring break trip, which is going to be amazing, and I am ready to take on this semester!

This semester is going to focus on finding a job, along with school work. Finding a job is a huge thing because this is my last semester! I also have set my new years resolution goals that will be very important for this semester! I plan on losing 30lbs before graduation! I also want to be able to complete the police test by graduation. That way if I do decide to be a cop, I am physically ready for the challenge!

Well that is what is going on with my life! I am ready for school to start and to accomplish my goals that I have set for myself! Wish me luck!