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Meditation :)

Today in my sport psychology class, we got to meditate. It was so relaxing! We are learning right now about anxiety in sports and exercise, and we are also learning about how to regulate and control anxiety. One thing we learned is deep breathing and meditation. So instead of just talking about techniques to control anxiety, our teacher showed us by putting in a MP3 of a meditation session. We got to sit in our seats and meditate for 30 minutes of class. It was the most relaxing thing that I have done in a while! I am so excited that we learn more hands on in my sport psychology class. I think it would be boring if we just lectured the whole class! It is an awesome class and I would recommend it to everyone!


It snowed last night! How depressing is that! We were having such amazing weather and then it had to go and snow! Ugh! Fortunately it is suppose to be nice out again the next couple of days so the snow should melt in no time! Hopefully spring is near! I am so ready to get spring fever!

I talked to my friend who is down in Mississippi yesterday, which is where I am going for spring break, and he said it has been in the 70 and 80s down there! I am super excited to bust out some of my spring and summer clothes for when I go down there! It is going to be awesome!

In other news, I feel really discouraged right now! I am 18lbs away from my goal weight that I want to be when I graduate, but I have stayed at this weight for 3 weeks now! I have been working out and eating right and nothing seems to work! I hope I still make it to my goal weight in 11 weeks! It is going to be tough though! Wish me luck!

Graduation Speaker!

I printed out the application today to be the speaker at graduation. It wants me to write an outline of my speech that I will be giving! I have an idea of what I am going to talk about but I am not sure how to put it into outline form! It is still just an idea! Hopefully I figure it out and get it written down. I have until March 18 to turn the application in so I have plenty of time. I am really excited about trying out to be the speaker at graduation! Everyone that I have told tells me that I would be a great speaker for the graduation ceremony! I really hope they are right!

We had pizza today in my office for my birthday, and two of my coworkers got me the best present ever! It is a tshirt of Antoine Dodson!!  I will attach a picture of it so everyone can see, but if you have never seen the bed intruder song, please look it up on youtube. It is hilarious!

Spring Break!

I am so excited! Spring break is less than three weeks away! It is unreal how fast this semester is going! I am graduating in 11 weeks and 4 days! I can’t wait for spring break, I especially can’t wait until the nice weather is here to stay. It has dropped back into the 30s so it is not as nice as it was last week but at least it isn’t bitterly cold!

This spring break I am going down to Mississippi to see my friend who is in the coast guard! I am really excited because this will be the first spring break I have gone on a vacation since I started college! Every spring break I always end up working through the whole spring break but this spring break I am going on vacation! I cannot wait!! It is going to be a great time! 15 days until I leave for Mississippi!

Career Fair!

Yesterday at school there was a career fair. There were tons of employers, and a lot of people there! I went up to quite a few tables and handed out my resume! The state police were there along with Decatur police, which is a city about 30 minutes away. There were also a lot of criminal justice related tables such as Sojourn, and Illinois Prisoner Review Board. It was a good experience to get to talk to the recruiters and hopefully I hear something about some jobs!

At the career fair there was also a job that I know I would love even though it is not criminal justice related. It is a job in which you work in high schools helping the kids with college preparation such as filling out applications to college and FAFSA. One of the positions that is opening is at Lanphier High School, which is the high school I went to and work at now! I applied for the job yesterday, and I hope that I get it! It is only a two year job, but it gives the economy time to get better and gives me time to get ready for the police test! I am definitely excited about it!

Yesterday night, I went outside and ran around my block 4 times! It was gorgeous out yesterday, high of 64 or so, and I just had to do my workout outside! You don’t get to many nice days like that in February! Hopefully Spring is here to stay but I am not getting my hopes up!

Personal Trainer!

My personal trainer kicked my butt today! We did a lot of ab workouts and some bench press. It was a good workout but my abs are definitely killing me now! We also set up a plan for the next three weeks, so that I can make some progress toward my goals in the police test! I was able to do 24 sit ups today in 1 minutes, which is only 7 sit ups away from the police test. I also was able to sit and reach to the 14, which is only 4.8 inches away from the police test! I am so excited! I am glad that UIS offers personal trainers at their gym for a small price. Any other gym I would have never been able to afford it!

Anyways, today in my sport psychology class we were given instructions to get into groups and we were handed some office supplies. Then our teacher told us to make something! So we decided to make a banana split out of office supplies! It is pretty awesome how this class is so much hands on stuff. We do not have very long lectures like other classes, it is more doing stuff to learn! I love it! The whole point of the project was to try to work together as a group, since we were learning about group cohesiveness. Here is a picture of our banana split! Hope you like it!

There is blue raspberry, strawberry and vanilla ice cream made out of paper, rubber bands made the caramel drizzle, paper made sprinkles and we even have a spoon and cherries on top! Good stuff!

Student Speaker at Graduation!

I am thinking about auditioning to be the student speaker at Graduation! I really love getting in front of people and talking so I really think I am going to do it! Applications to apply to be the student speaker are going to be available on March 1st. I am really excited that we try out to be the student speaker! I love to talk!!

In other news, UIS is having a career fair on Thursday and I am ready! I went to the career development center this week and got my resume ready. The career development center is a place where they help you with anything career related, such as resumes, interviews, finding a job etc. I already know what I am going to wear and I am ready to find a job! Hopefully there will be a lot of places there! I know that there is going to be quite a few criminal justice related places there! I am definitely excited! I will make sure to take lots of pictures and let you all know all about the career fair!

Last week, we took pictures for Blogging! They are super cute so I thought I would share a few with you!

Basketball game!

My team played our second basketball game last night! We lost terribly, but we definitely had a good time playing! It is a lot of fun to play even when you lose if you are playing with friends! And it is a good way to meet people! The other team that we play is full of really nice people and we all worked together to have an awesome time playing! Plus basketball is a great workout, and I enjoy it! My brother got to come out last night and watch us play. He was cheering us on the entire game. He told me next week he wants to be the coach! Ha, we will see what happens!

It’s my birthday!!






Today is my birthday!! I have had an amazing day!! I got to spend last night with my friends and today with my family!!! It has been awesome!!

My Birthday!!

My birthday is on Sunday and I am extra excited about it! It is going to be my 22nd birthday, but also the last birthday that I have while in college! I am having a dinner and then got a hotel suite so that my friends and I can have a sleep over on Saturday! It is going to be so much fun! I can’t believe how old I am getting! I am starting to really feel old!

In other news, I got my wisdom tooth pulled out yesterday and it wasn’t as painful as I had imagined! So that is a good thing! My cheek is a little swollen today but hopefully it will be better by tomorrow for my birthday dinner!

I also got some amazing news today! It is suppose to be 40 degrees out tomorrow, which is about 4 times warmer than it has been for the past week! And it is going to be on my birthday so that makes it a present to me! I can’t wait until Spring!

Today, Emily is coming to visit in the office! She used to work here but got offered a job at SCI after she graduated! I haven’t seen her in a couple months so I am extra excited about seeing her today! It is going to be a good time!

I will make sure to post plenty of pictures from my birthday dinner, and hopefully everyone has an awesome weekend!

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