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Finished with my paper!

I am only two narratives and two exams away from graduation!!!!! I finished my 7 page paper for my Criminal Justice class tonight and I also finished one narrative! I plan on doing one more narrative before bed! I can’t wait until graduation! I plan on having all my homework done on Friday, so that I have nothing to worry about except for two exams! I have never worked this far ahead so I am pretty proud of myself right now!

I graduate in 17 days!!!



Inner Ear Infection :(

Today I went to the doctor because for the past two days I have been extremely dizzy. I found out that I have an inner ear infection. It sucks because it makes me dizzy which then makes me feel sick to my stomach. It also gives me a headache 😦 I hope that I get better soon! The doctor said that it should go away after a week or so! It is a viral infection so there is nothing they can give me to make it go away any sooner! He did however give me some medicine for the dizziness so hopefully I do not have to deal with it like I have been the past two days! The doctor said the ear infection should go away before graduation and before my cruise!!! So I am thankful for that. I am also thankful that it doesn’t hurt like swimmers ear does!

Come on graduation! I can’t wait!

Cardinals game!





Yesterday I got to go with my dad and a couple of friends to the Cardinals game down in St. Louis~! I was definitely excited since I am a huge Cardinals fan! That is one good thing that I have always loved about Springfield, it is close enough to St. Louis you can make a day trip down there, no problem! If you are a Cub fan, Chicago is a little bit further than St. Louis but it is close enough that you could drive up there and watch a game and then come home!

I am officially less than 20 days away from graduation! I am starting to get really anxious! It is scary to think that in 19 days I am not going to have homework anymore. I wont have to write papers, or go to class. Scary!!!

All I have left between me and graduation is one 7 page paper, 2 exams, and 3 narratives for senior seminar! I want to get it all done this week besides the exams so that I wont have to worry the last two weeks of school! I am definitely experiencing some senioritis! I am ready to be done now! It is just going to be so weird not coming back 😦

Nothing but Storms!

The weather here in April kind of stinks! It has done nothing but storm for the past week! I love storms, dont get me wrong, but I hate when baseball/softball games get cancelled due to storms! My softball game last night got cancelled due to the storm we had! And today it has done nothing but rain and thunder! I heard tonight we may get some really intense storms, so I am pretty excited about that! And the weather man says that it should not rain tomorrow, so I am really hoping it is sunny and 70 out! Even if it is only like that for one day!!!

I have 22 days until I graduate
I have 29 days until my cruise
And a little over a month until I start my new job 🙂

Decatur Prison Tour!

Today, I got to go tour a prison in a neighboring town! I went with a criminal justice class. It was an awesome experience! There are a lot of classes that take field trips to get an actual experience of what you are learning. This is the 3rd prison that I have toured in my career at UIS! They are all awesome experiences! Also I have been to different field trips such as going to different churches for a religion class that I took, and many other experiences! I like how the classes at UIS bring in real life and experiences for you to learn from!

I also had a class this semester that brought in two guest speakers, who were recovering drug addicted prostitutes! It was an awesome experience to talk to them and try to understand how they felt and the other side of the criminal justice system! A lot of my classes have had guest speakers and they always seem to show me a different view of what I am learning! I love it!

UIS Police

UIS Police and local law enforcement got quite the thrill today when an escaped convict was caught on campus! Law enforcement tried to pull over the convict by the Walmart near campus when the convict fled in his stolen vehicle toward campus. He then crashed his car and ran on foot into the woods near campus! The school was put on lockdown for about 45 minutes while local law enforcement and UIS police searched for the man!

Being a criminal justice student I was somewhat excited about the incident! It was cool seeing the helicopter searching for the escaped convict. I cant believe that this happened on our campus! Crazy!

Thank goodness we have an awesome law enforcement agency on and around campus. They apprehended the suspect and kept us all safe! Also we have an awesome alert system, not only do we get emails about dangerous events on campus, we get text messages, and alerts on office phones! As soon as the police knew about the convict, we were in lockdown and everyone knew about the convict! Awesome job guys!

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes!!

This past Saturday was Walk a Mile in Her Shoes!

The goal for walk a mile was to raise over $20,000 and we raised that plus some! And more than 300 people were registered to walk. It was an amazing experience and I am so glad that I walked! It was so funny to see all the guys wearing heels! Some of the guys even ran with the heels on! All in all the event was a huge success even though it was cold and rainy out! I am so glad that everyone came out! Thanks to everyone that donated! I really appreciate it!

Tornado Watch!

We have a tornado watch here in Springfield today! I love storms and tornados so I am a little bit excited! I don’t like that tornados can kill people or destroy homes, but I do think that they are amazing things that nature can create!

Also tomorrow is sports day for Springfest, but the weather is suppose to be crappy! I hope that the sun shines because I really want it to be nice out since we are going to be outside, but either way it is going to be fun!

Also tomorrow is Walk a Mile! I met my goal of $100 raised online and I also will get to donate my part of the bake sale money! I didn’t think I was going to meet my $100 goal online but thanks to an anonymous donor I did! They donated $50 to me! Thank you anonymous donor, you rock!!! I really appreciate everyone who donated and it is going to a great cause! Everyone should come out and watch me try to walk a mile in my high heels! Ha! It is going to be a good time!

I will definitely try to post pictures from walk a mile tomorrow so that everyone can see how awesome it is! There is going to be a lot of people and TEAM UIS has raised over $1,000 online!!! Thats not including the $600 from the bake sale that we are donating! GO TEAM UIS!!!!


This week is Springfest. It is a huge celebration/competition. Last night we did a scavenger hunt and it was so much fun! We went knocking door to door trying to get items from people. It was unreal how many students participate in Springfest! There were a lot of students! Tonight it is trivia night, and I am pretty excited! We all got matching tshirts, and the team works together pretty well! Tomorrow, we have to build a box on the quad and then stay in it all night! I am not able to do that since I work at Lanphier in the morning Thursday, but I am sure if it is nice my team will have a lot of fun!

I had a presentation today for my Psychology Senior Seminar Class. It went really well. I got a 50/50!! I am so close to graduating I can feel it! I am definitely excited about it! I am ready to start a new phase in my life and I am pretty sure UIS has prepared me well for the new life!

Well I will leave you with my countdown!
32 days until I graduate!
39 days until my cruise!

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes!

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes is this Saturday! I am so excited! I hope that we all raise a lot of money for this awesome cause! If you haven’t already donated, you can donate to my page!

Today I did a presentation for my sport psychology class. It went really well. It was over how much weight I have lost and working to be able to complete the police test! Everyone was really supportive and great! It was a lot of sensitive information so I am glad that everyone understood that! I hope I get a good grade on my presentation! I think I will because I feel like I did an awesome job!

Springfest starts tonight! Springfest is a campus wide competition that students do, where we competei in different activities. I am definitely excited about it! Tonight is the scavenger hunt! Wish my team luck!

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