Cardinals game!





Yesterday I got to go with my dad and a couple of friends to the Cardinals game down in St. Louis~! I was definitely excited since I am a huge Cardinals fan! That is one good thing that I have always loved about Springfield, it is close enough to St. Louis you can make a day trip down there, no problem! If you are a Cub fan, Chicago is a little bit further than St. Louis but it is close enough that you could drive up there and watch a game and then come home!

I am officially less than 20 days away from graduation! I am starting to get really anxious! It is scary to think that in 19 days I am not going to have homework anymore. I wont have to write papers, or go to class. Scary!!!

All I have left between me and graduation is one 7 page paper, 2 exams, and 3 narratives for senior seminar! I want to get it all done this week besides the exams so that I wont have to worry the last two weeks of school! I am definitely experiencing some senioritis! I am ready to be done now! It is just going to be so weird not coming back 😦


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