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Last weekend of freedom!

It is the beginning of the last weekend before school starts and I have mixed emotions. I am glad to be starting school again but I am also going to miss having free time! I am extra excited about intramural basketball that the Recreation Center is having in February. I am trying to get a team together, because not only will it be fun but good exercise!

In other news, I bought a Wii Fit and it is amazing! I have been trying to get back into working out! I have lost a total of 2lbs since the beginning of the year and plan on losing 28 more before graduation! Wish me luck!

This last weekend of freedom should be fun! No plan just yet but I am sure I am going to try to see some friends before I go back to having no time for anything! Hope everyone else had a good break! Talk to you soon!


Not much to do…

UIS is a busy place during the semester! However, it becomes a ghost town when the semester ends! I am working at my advising job during winter break, but it is almost like there is no one on campus! It is nice because you get the good parking spots and there are not long lines in the cafeteria, but it is kinda boring when there is no one here!

I also like it when it is dead because that means there won’t be that many people at the gym! Which I love because I hate working out when there is a ton of people! I avoid going at certain times during the semester because the gym is so busy! So it is nice that there is no one around!

Winter break has been treating me amazingly! I got to sleep in yesterday until noon! AMAZING! Well I hope everyone is having an awesome break like me and I will talk to you all soon!

Winter Break

Amazing.. I got to take a nap today. I also didnt have to worry about homework or anything really! I am so thankful that winter break is finally here! It is definitely exciting!

I am still working at the school over winter break, so I still have some responsibilities but not nearly as many as when school is in session! I need some projects to do to stay busy so that I am not sleeping all the time! So if anyone has any ideas for projects to do I will take suggestions!

Hope everyone has an amazing break! I will talk to everyone soon!

My last final!

The end is near! My last final is tonight at 6 and after that I am on winter break! AMAZING! I cannot wait! It has been a long semester! And now I am officially (after my exam tonight) only one semester away from graduating! Yay! I am so ready to graduate! I will definitely miss school but I am ready to have a good job with all the education I have obtained! Maybe I will return to get my Masters? But right now I want a job! I have started slowly job searching but this is a tough economy to get a job in! Hopefully I will find something soon!

Today, I woke up and my car was completely covered in ice! It was raining ice and sleet last night! It took 20 minutes to get my car warmed up and all the ice off! It was crazy! I then went and worked out again (This being my 5th time working out this week). I was extremely proud of myself! I am going to be so close to making my goal before the end of the year!

Point of my story today, I am ready for winter break! It is going to be so relaxing and stress free. But I know by the time New years rolls around I will be ready to start school again! I usually get really bored over breaks! Well talk to you soon!

I love break!!

Another reason I love break is because all of my friends from high school come home for break and I get to see them! Some people I havent seen in forever!! It is so excited to see people that you havent seen because it is all about remembering the “good ole days”!

So far I have seen two people that I never get to see and hopefully tonight I will get to see more! I am so excited! We are all going out to Mowies, which is a pool place right by UIS, and playing pool. It is the place to be and I love playing pool.

So far I have had a good break. I have gotten a lot of homework done and I have gotten to see a lot of people so far! I still have 4 days left of break to see people! Some people havent even finished school for break yet! Some schools in the area still have school on Monday and Tuesday before Thanksgiving! I am glad that we do not have school because I need the time off!

Now tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I am so excited for all the food and goodies I am going to have! Then I also get to see my family and friends! This is just going to be an amazing break! I am so happy!

Well I will make sure to post lots of pictures tomorrow of all the food and stuff we will have at my house! See you then!


A random picture from my cruise!

Crunch time is finally over! I finished my paper for my Thursday night class and now I am smooth sailing into Thanksgiving break! Just have one class tomorrow night and it is break time! I am so excited I definitely need a break!

Even though it is break time, I still am going to work at the office at school and at the high school. Got to have money! So basically, I am only getting a break from school and not work! And technically, I have homework to do over break so not much of a break at all, but no class!

Anywho, I am just excited about getting a week off from school and a couple days off of working! I need it! And I just keep telling myself that When we get back from break we only have 2 weeks left and then exams and we are smooth sailing to winter break! I cannot wait!

For your entertainment, here is some more random pictures!

I miss the summer time!

RIP Dakota