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Finished with my paper!

I am only two narratives and two exams away from graduation!!!!! I finished my 7 page paper for my Criminal Justice class tonight and I also finished one narrative! I plan on doing one more narrative before bed! I can’t wait until graduation! I plan on having all my homework done on Friday, so that I have nothing to worry about except for two exams! I have never worked this far ahead so I am pretty proud of myself right now!

I graduate in 17 days!!!



My last final!

The end is near! My last final is tonight at 6 and after that I am on winter break! AMAZING! I cannot wait! It has been a long semester! And now I am officially (after my exam tonight) only one semester away from graduating! Yay! I am so ready to graduate! I will definitely miss school but I am ready to have a good job with all the education I have obtained! Maybe I will return to get my Masters? But right now I want a job! I have started slowly job searching but this is a tough economy to get a job in! Hopefully I will find something soon!

Today, I woke up and my car was completely covered in ice! It was raining ice and sleet last night! It took 20 minutes to get my car warmed up and all the ice off! It was crazy! I then went and worked out again (This being my 5th time working out this week). I was extremely proud of myself! I am going to be so close to making my goal before the end of the year!

Point of my story today, I am ready for winter break! It is going to be so relaxing and stress free. But I know by the time New years rolls around I will be ready to start school again! I usually get really bored over breaks! Well talk to you soon!

Finals Week!



Took my first final today! It was challenging but I think I did okay. We shall see when final grades come out in about 2 weeks! I have 2 more finals this week and then I am finished for the semester! I am so excited! I also have a paper due tomorrow night by midnight but I am already half way done! It is going to be an amazing winter break!

I went to the gym today and I had a salad for lunch! I was definitely proud of myself! I hope that I meet my goal to lose 10lbs by the new year! But if not I wont be to mad because I am slowly getting healthier and healthier by eating right and exercising!

I tried the P90X this weekend and it is rough! But it is definitely a good workout! I hope that I can continue to do it! It was definitely a good investment! I am also glad that I have the gym here at school that I can go to, and work out!

Well there is still snow on the ground from yesterday when it snowed hard core all day! It is not as pretty anymore though since people went driving in it and walking through it! I am just ready for the warm weather to be here again!


I absolutely love days that I have absolutely nothing to do! It is amazing to just be able to lay in bed all day if I wanted, and move at my own pace. To be able to not have to rush to any kind of meetings or have to be any where is nice! I am going to go eat lunch with a friend and then chill for the rest of the day! It is going to be an amazing afternoon. I may go to the gym or I may just stay home. The beauty of it is I dont HAVE to do anything today! I love it!

Next week is finals! So I need to get on studying, but that can always be done when I am resting! Or it can be done tomorrow! haha!

Preparing for the end!

The end of the semester is almost here! I am definitely excited! We have this week and next week and then it is time for finals. I am pretty much finished except for finals! I have three finals to do out of my five classes! I also have a paper due finals week but that won’t be to difficult! I am in much need of a break! Thanksgiving break was nice but it went by so fast and it didn’t help that I got sick Friday of Thanksgiving break and didn’t feel better until Monday 😦

Today I have not gotten the chance to work out yet but I am going to get on it! I have taken the stairs about a billion times today at the high school I work at and at school! I am going to try to go to the gym after my class tonight at 830! I hope that I get to go and that I am not exhausted after class! If I dont get to go I will just try to go two times tomorrow!

I am so ready for a break and when break is here I will have a lot more time to work out and eat right! It is hard trying to do both when you are so busy!