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Nothing but Storms!

The weather here in April kind of stinks! It has done nothing but storm for the past week! I love storms, dont get me wrong, but I hate when baseball/softball games get cancelled due to storms! My softball game last night got cancelled due to the storm we had! And today it has done nothing but rain and thunder! I heard tonight we may get some really intense storms, so I am pretty excited about that! And the weather man says that it should not rain tomorrow, so I am really hoping it is sunny and 70 out! Even if it is only like that for one day!!!

I have 22 days until I graduate
I have 29 days until my cruise
And a little over a month until I start my new job 🙂


Mardi Gras Day!

Today at my job at the High School was Mardi Gras day! They are celebrating fine arts week and today we were asked to dress in Mardi Gras colors! It was a lot of fun! We all dressed up in our best Mardi Gras gear!

Tonight I have my first midterm of the semester 😦 I am not really that excited about it but it is the last time I will take midterms in my undergraduate career so I am pretty stoked about that! I graduate in 9 weeks and 4 days!!! Yay Me!!!

Midterms :(

Midterms are next week and it is unreal how fast this semester is flying by! I am definitely excited since this is my senior year but also scared because I am going to have to start looking for a job soon 😦 yikes!!! The way the economy is looking I kind of want to stay in school forever! But I am sure I will figure out what I want to do with my life sometime, I just hope it is soon! Midterms mean that the semester is halfway over, which means I have finished a fourth of my senior year already!

On a brighter note, this week is homecoming week and they have been having tons of events on campus for homecoming! I haven’t been able to attend anything just yet because of class and work but I plan on going to a few events including the BBQ this Saturday! I will keep you posted! Have a good night!