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pizza party :)





Today my office had a pizza party to celebrate the awesome year we have had here in advising! It was the first time this semester that I have realized that I won’t be coming back! I am definitely going to miss all of my coworkers and my bosses! It is definitely sad that I will no longer have this job, or that I will no longer be blogging to all of you!! Graduation is 5 days away and I am excited but it is also very sad! I know that it is the beginning of my new life as an adult but it is just very scary to think that I will no longer be a student!!! It is a very bittersweet feeling… Hopefully it all works out for the best!


Bake Sale!!

Alpha Phi Sigmas, the Criminal Justice National Honor Society, is having our final bake sale tomorrow in the PAC! The funds are going to support the babies program at Decatur Correctional Facility. The babies program allows mothers who are about to be let out of prison keep their babies up to 18 months in the correctional center so that they can establish the mother child bond. The program currently has a 0% recidivism rate, so it is a really good program!! Everyone should come to the PAC and buy some goodies to help support this program!

Today starts the last week of actual classes at UIS! Everyone is pretty excited about class almost being over! Next week is finals week and then summer break! Or for me, I graduate and start my new job :)! I am pretty excited about graduating. I wish it was here already! But I only have 12 more days! Exciting!!

Hope everyone has a great day and make sure to stop by the bake sale tomorrow! It is going to be a huge hit!

Inner Ear Infection :(

Today I went to the doctor because for the past two days I have been extremely dizzy. I found out that I have an inner ear infection. It sucks because it makes me dizzy which then makes me feel sick to my stomach. It also gives me a headache 😦 I hope that I get better soon! The doctor said that it should go away after a week or so! It is a viral infection so there is nothing they can give me to make it go away any sooner! He did however give me some medicine for the dizziness so hopefully I do not have to deal with it like I have been the past two days! The doctor said the ear infection should go away before graduation and before my cruise!!! So I am thankful for that. I am also thankful that it doesn’t hurt like swimmers ear does!

Come on graduation! I can’t wait!

Cardinals game!





Yesterday I got to go with my dad and a couple of friends to the Cardinals game down in St. Louis~! I was definitely excited since I am a huge Cardinals fan! That is one good thing that I have always loved about Springfield, it is close enough to St. Louis you can make a day trip down there, no problem! If you are a Cub fan, Chicago is a little bit further than St. Louis but it is close enough that you could drive up there and watch a game and then come home!

I am officially less than 20 days away from graduation! I am starting to get really anxious! It is scary to think that in 19 days I am not going to have homework anymore. I wont have to write papers, or go to class. Scary!!!

All I have left between me and graduation is one 7 page paper, 2 exams, and 3 narratives for senior seminar! I want to get it all done this week besides the exams so that I wont have to worry the last two weeks of school! I am definitely experiencing some senioritis! I am ready to be done now! It is just going to be so weird not coming back 😦


This week is Springfest. It is a huge celebration/competition. Last night we did a scavenger hunt and it was so much fun! We went knocking door to door trying to get items from people. It was unreal how many students participate in Springfest! There were a lot of students! Tonight it is trivia night, and I am pretty excited! We all got matching tshirts, and the team works together pretty well! Tomorrow, we have to build a box on the quad and then stay in it all night! I am not able to do that since I work at Lanphier in the morning Thursday, but I am sure if it is nice my team will have a lot of fun!

I had a presentation today for my Psychology Senior Seminar Class. It went really well. I got a 50/50!! I am so close to graduating I can feel it! I am definitely excited about it! I am ready to start a new phase in my life and I am pretty sure UIS has prepared me well for the new life!

Well I will leave you with my countdown!
32 days until I graduate!
39 days until my cruise!


You know it is officially spring when UIS turns their fountain on! Today it is finally on! I was so excited when I saw it walking up to advising today! It is a beautiful fountain that is located in the center of campus surrounded by places to sit and hang out! It is such a gorgeous day out today, I am so glad that they have it on! I am thinking about taking my lunch out there and sitting by it while I eat! I can’t wait! This means that summer is going to be here soon, which means swimming!!! I love going swimming and I can’t wait until summer!!!

36 days until I graduate!!!
43 days until my cruise!!!
Then I start my new job in June!!! So Excited!!! I can’t wait!!

Softball Season!!

I am so glad that it is finally softball season! I went and watched some of my friends play in a softball tournament this weekend, and I also got to play catch with one of my friends! It was awesome throwing the ball again! I also got to ride my bike this weekend because it was gorgeous out! Yesterday the high was 84! And the best part, I was off all day yesterday! So I got to enjoy the marvelous weather!!
My softball season starts this Sunday! I cannot wait for it to be here! I am incredibly excited to start playing again! Especially for the exercise because I am getting tired of going to the gym everyday!
By the way— I graduate in 40 days! I am so excited! Especially now that I have a job lined up for after I graduate! Before I got the college advising job, I was super nervous and scared about graduating! I did not know what I was going to do. But now I have a plan and I am so ready! It is smooth sailing from here on out!
Speaking of sailing, my cruise is 47 days away. I feel like my whole life is a countdown right now but I know it is a countdown to bigger and better things! Graduation and cruise time here I come! There is no stopping me now! I am definitely the happiest I have been in a long time! I know that I have accomplished a lot and that makes all the difference.

Job Offer!!!

I GOT THE JOB FOR THE ILLINOIS COLLEGE ADVISING CORPS!!! They called me today and offered me the job! I am so excited! I cannot believe that I have my first big girl job!!! It is soo surreal! I got the job that I really wanted for right after graduation! It is so exciting! I want to be a cop also but ever since I heard about this position, my police dreams were put on hold! I love the fact that I will be working with high school students and helping them achieve their dreams of going to college! The job is only a two year position, so after I finish with this job, I can go back to the policing dreams!

I am so thankful that I got this job! I am incredibly excited and will keep you all updated on anything else I find out about this job! I can’t wait to graduate and start my new life! 6 weeks and 1 day until I graduate!!!!


I am thinking that I need to do something for myself for my graduation. I decided that I am going to treat myself to a cruise after I graduate to celebrate my graduation! I definitely think that I deserve it after four years of college! I am so excited! I can’t wait until I get to go on this cruise! Now all I have to do is find someone to go with me! 🙂

Job Interview!!!!!!

I just got a phone call from the Illinois College Advising Corps, and I have an interview on March 21st! I am beyond excited! I applied for a job as a college advisers through this non for profit company, and really want to do this for the first two years after I am out of school! I would be working in high schools helping kids pick colleges, filing out FAFSAs and doing other things to prepare them for college! I am so happy that I have an interview! It is my first interview for an actual job for when I graduate! This day just keeps getting better and better!

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