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Being a commuter!

I sometimes hate being a commuter! It is nice because you can live at home and save money instead of paying for room and board, but sometimes it sucks because you live at home and you have to drive all the way to school! This morning, I was running late, and running late to me is not leaving my house 30 minutes before my class starts! Then when I get here, already being late, there is no parking spots! Ugh, it is frustrating because if I lived on campus I wouldn’t have to wake up until 30 minutes before class starts and I wouldn’t have to drive all the way to school and find a parking spot! It is incredibly frustrating to be late for class and not be able to find a spot!

However, even though it is frustrating, I enjoy living at home with my Grandma, and I wouldnt change it even to save some time! I wish that I was getting the same experience as kids who live on campus, but my gma needs me to live with her and so it is much more rewarding living at home!

Anyways! That is my complaint for the day! I hope everyone has a great day and I will write to you guys later!