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Decatur Prison Tour!

Today, I got to go tour a prison in a neighboring town! I went with a criminal justice class. It was an awesome experience! There are a lot of classes that take field trips to get an actual experience of what you are learning. This is the 3rd prison that I have toured in my career at UIS! They are all awesome experiences! Also I have been to different field trips such as going to different churches for a religion class that I took, and many other experiences! I like how the classes at UIS bring in real life and experiences for you to learn from!

I also had a class this semester that brought in two guest speakers, who were recovering drug addicted prostitutes! It was an awesome experience to talk to them and try to understand how they felt and the other side of the criminal justice system! A lot of my classes have had guest speakers and they always seem to show me a different view of what I am learning! I love it!