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Finished with my paper!

I am only two narratives and two exams away from graduation!!!!! I finished my 7 page paper for my Criminal Justice class tonight and I also finished one narrative! I plan on doing one more narrative before bed! I can’t wait until graduation! I plan on having all my homework done on Friday, so that I have nothing to worry about except for two exams! I have never worked this far ahead so I am pretty proud of myself right now!

I graduate in 17 days!!!



Working ahead!

It feels so good to have time to get homework done way ahead of time. This is probably my first semester in college ever working ahead but it actually feels good to not have all kinds of pressure on you to get work done the last minute!! I figure since I am graduating this semester, the less pressure that I have on myself, the easier the semester will fly by!!

Tonight I am going to Yogalates and Kickboxing and I am definitely excited about it! I love yogalates and I havent tried kickboxing yet but it sounds like a blast. It is awesome that the TRAC here at UIS has the free classes for all of us students to take! I dont know what I am going to do for fitness when I graduate! I better start thinking about that now!!

Wisdom Teeth!

Eeekk! I found out today that I have to have a wisdom tooth taken out! I am definitely scared! From what I hear it is painful! And I am also having problems making the appointment! This is because I am so busy with school and having four jobs and being president of Alpha Phi Sigma! I had an appointment for next Tuesday but I cannot make it because the bake sale is on Tuesday! It is so hard to schedule appointments around everything that I have going on! And to top it off, my dental insurance ends when I turn 22. I turn 22 on February 13. So pretty much this is my first welcome into the adult real world! Ugh! This is stressing me out!

In other news, I am quite proud of myself because this semester I have been really good about staying on top on my homework! I have been turning everything in early and reading all the readings that I need for class. I am really proud of myself and I am going to make my last semester here a great one!

I meet with my personal trainer for the first time on Wednesday! I am really excited! I hope that I reach my goal of being able to do the police test in May and losing 20 more pounds! Wish me luck!


A random picture from my cruise!

Crunch time is finally over! I finished my paper for my Thursday night class and now I am smooth sailing into Thanksgiving break! Just have one class tomorrow night and it is break time! I am so excited I definitely need a break!

Even though it is break time, I still am going to work at the office at school and at the high school. Got to have money! So basically, I am only getting a break from school and not work! And technically, I have homework to do over break so not much of a break at all, but no class!

Anywho, I am just excited about getting a week off from school and a couple days off of working! I need it! And I just keep telling myself that When we get back from break we only have 2 weeks left and then exams and we are smooth sailing to winter break! I cannot wait!

For your entertainment, here is some more random pictures!

I miss the summer time!

RIP Dakota