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UIS Police

UIS Police and local law enforcement got quite the thrill today when an escaped convict was caught on campus! Law enforcement tried to pull over the convict by the Walmart near campus when the convict fled in his stolen vehicle toward campus. He then crashed his car and ran on foot into the woods near campus! The school was put on lockdown for about 45 minutes while local law enforcement and UIS police searched for the man!

Being a criminal justice student I was somewhat excited about the incident! It was cool seeing the helicopter searching for the escaped convict. I cant believe that this happened on our campus! Crazy!

Thank goodness we have an awesome law enforcement agency on and around campus. They apprehended the suspect and kept us all safe! Also we have an awesome alert system, not only do we get emails about dangerous events on campus, we get text messages, and alerts on office phones! As soon as the police knew about the convict, we were in lockdown and everyone knew about the convict! Awesome job guys!