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Nothing but Storms!

The weather here in April kind of stinks! It has done nothing but storm for the past week! I love storms, dont get me wrong, but I hate when baseball/softball games get cancelled due to storms! My softball game last night got cancelled due to the storm we had! And today it has done nothing but rain and thunder! I heard tonight we may get some really intense storms, so I am pretty excited about that! And the weather man says that it should not rain tomorrow, so I am really hoping it is sunny and 70 out! Even if it is only like that for one day!!!

I have 22 days until I graduate
I have 29 days until my cruise
And a little over a month until I start my new job 🙂


Softball Season!!

I am so glad that it is finally softball season! I went and watched some of my friends play in a softball tournament this weekend, and I also got to play catch with one of my friends! It was awesome throwing the ball again! I also got to ride my bike this weekend because it was gorgeous out! Yesterday the high was 84! And the best part, I was off all day yesterday! So I got to enjoy the marvelous weather!!
My softball season starts this Sunday! I cannot wait for it to be here! I am incredibly excited to start playing again! Especially for the exercise because I am getting tired of going to the gym everyday!
By the way— I graduate in 40 days! I am so excited! Especially now that I have a job lined up for after I graduate! Before I got the college advising job, I was super nervous and scared about graduating! I did not know what I was going to do. But now I have a plan and I am so ready! It is smooth sailing from here on out!
Speaking of sailing, my cruise is 47 days away. I feel like my whole life is a countdown right now but I know it is a countdown to bigger and better things! Graduation and cruise time here I come! There is no stopping me now! I am definitely the happiest I have been in a long time! I know that I have accomplished a lot and that makes all the difference.

Crazy Weather

I didnt take this pic but it is cool looking!

One thing Illinois is notorious for is the crazy weather! Today was absolutely beautiful. High 70s, a breeze, the sun was out, AMAZING for it being a week from November! Tonight it was still gorgeous out, but a huge storm hit at about 8:40 that sent people running. Lightning, Thunder (which I love) and lots of lots of rain! It was raining so hard that I could not see 3 feet in front of me driving! For me it was awesome because I love severe weather but a lot of people hate storms so it could be a bad thing! Regardless, Illinois has some crazy weather. One year we had a heat wave in February, followed by a snow storm the next week, and then a week later had tornados. I love this state just because of the severe weather, and even though they call Chicago the windy city, I would have to argue that Springfield is much windier due to us being surrounded by corn fields and not buildings!

Beautiful day



Today is one of those days that I love this campus. Beautiful trees and it is such a pretty campus! I am going to go outside and do my homework in this beautiful weather!