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Work out Classes!

Tonight my friend and I went to some workout classes at the TRAC! They were definitely interesting. The first one we went to was Latin Cardio Dance, and I was horrible at it! I do not have rhythm… at all!! I was all over the place trying to catch up with the instructor. But it was a good workout! Then we did yogalates. It was very difficult. I know that I am going to be super sore tomorrow! I am already sore! It was hard core! I am so glad that the TRAC offers classes for students for FREE! It is nice to be able to change up your workout routine. I have been getting bored with my workout routine so I am glad that I have other options! Hopefully I will find other classes that I will enjoy that I can get a good workout in.


Career Fair!

Yesterday at school there was a career fair. There were tons of employers, and a lot of people there! I went up to quite a few tables and handed out my resume! The state police were there along with Decatur police, which is a city about 30 minutes away. There were also a lot of criminal justice related tables such as Sojourn, and Illinois Prisoner Review Board. It was a good experience to get to talk to the recruiters and hopefully I hear something about some jobs!

At the career fair there was also a job that I know I would love even though it is not criminal justice related. It is a job in which you work in high schools helping the kids with college preparation such as filling out applications to college and FAFSA. One of the positions that is opening is at Lanphier High School, which is the high school I went to and work at now! I applied for the job yesterday, and I hope that I get it! It is only a two year job, but it gives the economy time to get better and gives me time to get ready for the police test! I am definitely excited about it!

Yesterday night, I went outside and ran around my block 4 times! It was gorgeous out yesterday, high of 64 or so, and I just had to do my workout outside! You don’t get to many nice days like that in February! Hopefully Spring is here to stay but I am not getting my hopes up!



I am extra excited for one of my classes! It is sport psychology and in this class we learn about motivation and personality and a lot of things that go along with sports and exercise! This class has a required project and you get to choose out of a bunch of options but one of the options is to keep a journal about your exercising and sport habits and apply concepts from the book! This is exciting to me because I am trying to lose weight and this will be another reason for me to hit up the gym! It should be an awesome experience to write a journal about my struggles and my outcomes of exercising! Then at the end of the semester we present our projects! At this time I hope to have lost the 30lbs that I set myself to lose by May! That way I can give everyone a success story about my weight loss! It should be awesome! This is going to be a great class and a great experience!

Preparing for the end!

The end of the semester is almost here! I am definitely excited! We have this week and next week and then it is time for finals. I am pretty much finished except for finals! I have three finals to do out of my five classes! I also have a paper due finals week but that won’t be to difficult! I am in much need of a break! Thanksgiving break was nice but it went by so fast and it didn’t help that I got sick Friday of Thanksgiving break and didn’t feel better until Monday 😦

Today I have not gotten the chance to work out yet but I am going to get on it! I have taken the stairs about a billion times today at the high school I work at and at school! I am going to try to go to the gym after my class tonight at 830! I hope that I get to go and that I am not exhausted after class! If I dont get to go I will just try to go two times tomorrow!

I am so ready for a break and when break is here I will have a lot more time to work out and eat right! It is hard trying to do both when you are so busy!